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business intelligence is as good as the data

Junk In Junk Out

Our workers compensation focused services and technologies dispel this old adage.

While the industry is focused on the paradigm shift from paper to e-bill to deliver a more speedy payment cycle to Providers, Bishop is driven to ensure data quality, data integrity and data appropriateness to satisfy compliance, detect fraud, and produce reliable business intelligence.

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Competitive Advantage from Reliable Analytics, Business Intelligence

Data Quality, Data Integrity and Data Appropriateness

Whatever your business, be it a managed care service provider, third-party administrator, clearinghouse, outcomes based networks builder, government entity - data confidence enables you with true insight into the vital signs of your business. Our results are designed to help you smartly define a strategic roadmap and positively affect your bottom-line as well as your products and services.

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Don't just take our word for it

Test Drive Us!

Our services and smart technologies are the most superior in the industry - our results will speak for us. Measure results, gain confidence, lower costs, improve your bottom-line!

There's marking and then there is execution. Let's start with the execution... The marketing will take care of itself

  • Paper to Digital / Digital to Print
  • EFT/ACH processing
  • State Reporting
  • Consulting Services
  • Claims Indexing/Matching
  • Attachments Processing
  • Medical Form Image Generation